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Forthcoming books

As part of the African Memoir series, The Man of passage is to be re-issued in a paperback edition during 2014.

This second edition will be enhanced with maps to show where the stories come from, and with photographs. In addition there will be one new story about a journey into post-war Angola.

Like the other books in the series, this edition will also be released as an e-book.

A limited number of copies of the original hardback first edition are still available. Please contact Ian Mathie direct via ian@mud-hut.co.uk if you would like one.

Also due out soon

The Adventures of Herbert Heaps Hippopotamus a series of five children's bedtime story books for children up to the age of 65

Other books to look out for that are still being written


A Nomad in Short Pants - An autobiography of Ian Mathie’s early years in Africa.

Soul of the Forest – Another African Memoir about life in the Congo forest.

The Mullah’s Dungeon – Personal experiences of the Iranian revolution.


The Rorhart Inheritance – A novel spanning several generations in UK and Africa.

Apprenticed to the Sorcerer – A novel grown out of African traditions and experiences.

Come home Thursday – An African novel, featuring Thursday Chilongo and his brothers.