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Press coverage

Here is a selection of media coverage of Ian Mathie's books. Click on the thumbnail images to see more:

Ian Mathie publishes fifth book on his African adventures
Banbury Guardian, 19th March 2014


Real-life sorcery and witchcraft in Warwickshire writer's new book
The Courier, 3rd February, 2014


Dust of the Danakil
Four Shires Magazine, May 2012


Author launches new book
Warwickshire Life, May 2012


Book delves into depths of Africa
The Courier, 20th April 2012


Author to hold book signing
Banbury Guardian, 29th March 2012


An artistic glimpse at African struggles
The Courier, 9th March 2012


Supper with the president at Kineton village hall!
Four Shires Magazine, December 2011


Four Shires Reading Room - Man in a Mud hut
Four Shires Magazine, November 2011


Bizarre tales make for absorbing reading
The Courier, 4th November 2011


Ian's insight into Africa
The Courier, 28th October 2011


African adventure recorded in print
Banbury Guardian, 27th October 2011


Evil and redemption in the 'heart of darkness'
Four Shires Magazine, September 2011


Bride Price - Ian Mathie
Culturally Bound website, 6th September 2011


Man In A Mud Hut - Ian Mathie
Culturally Bound website, 8th August 2011


Man In A Mud Hut
Southam News website, 14th July 2011


Shocking insight into an evil world
The Courier, 8th July 2011


Murder, revenge and intrigue are high price for an African bride
The Weekend Telegraph, 23rd March 2011


Ian brings tales of life in Congo jungle to book launch at library
The Courier, 25th February 2011


Out of Africa
Warwickshire Life, January 2007


Author launches new book
The Courier, 1st December 2006


Africa tales form book
Leamington Observer, 16th November 2006


Our man in Africa writes a book
The Courier, 10th November 2006


Encounters in African adventure
Banbury Guardian, 9th November 2006


The Man of Passage and other stories out of Africa
Four Shires Magazine, Autumn 2006


Keep taking the pills
Kidney Life Magazine, Spring 2003


Keep taking the pills
Warwickshire Life, October 2002


'Keep Taking the Pills' is a tonic for hospital patients
Four Shires Magazine, September 2002


Life's for better or verse for kidney patient Ian
Evening Telegraph, 11th July 2002


Laughter, the best medicine
Stratford Midweek, 9th July 2002


Ian hoping his rhymes will help other sufferers
The Courier, 5th July 2002


Light-hearted poems aim to boost funds of serious cause
Leamington Observer, 4th July 2002


Transplant patient's odes to hospital life
Banbury Guardian, 4th July 2002


Keep Taking the Pills!
Crown Castle International On-line Magazine, July 2002