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Reviews of Ian Mathie's books. Follow the More reviews... link to see further reviews for each book.

Dust of the Danakil

Dust of the Danakil

This is the fourth of Ian Mathie's books in his African Memoir Series, each thoroughly absorbing in its own way... Ian demonstrates not only his deep knowledge of and empathy with Africa from the inside, but his experience of the workings of the mandarins of Whitehall and the complexities of distributing aid.

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Supper with the president

Supper with the President

It's such a pleasure to read an Ian Mathie book, so I really looked forward to Supper with the President. No surprises, then, to find this book every bit as delightful, intriguing and informative as his others.

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Man in a mud hut

Man in a Mud Hut

Ian Mathie deserves a wider audience. I can't understand why he hasn't been leapt upon by Radio 4, Saga Magazine, the Sunday papers, the Daily Mail, Uncle Tom Cobley and all since the publication of Bride Price in January. Here is a fine new Voice who is completely his own man.

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Bride price

Bride Price

A wonderfully evocative account of a lost time in Africa before political, genocidal maelstroms reframed the way the continent is perceived. Writing with great sensitivity and authenticity, Mathie enriches our understanding not just of the people but of the human spirit that thrives there.

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The man of passage

The Man of Passage

The stories he tells are fascinating, tender, humorous and surprising by turn. I recommend this book whole-heartedly. A spell-binding read appealing to both men and women.

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