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Chinese Take-out

Chinese Take-out


Published 18th April 2014

ISBN-10: 1906852316
ISBN-13: 978-1906852313
ebook: ASIN B00JSTZI4M

On a frozen frontier a field agent waits for his contact to cross from North Korea. In Beijing a prominent Chinese scientist takes refuge in the US embassy. In Washington a Senator creates a smokescreen about illegal arms sales to Sri Lanka while he uses his daughter in law to operate his illicit dealings in nuclear secrets with interested parties in the orient. In Langley a young CIA agent delivers coffee to his boss in a china cup and saucer and by doing so opens the doorway for his career to flourish.

There is a web of tense international intrigue, a growing undercurrent in the Chinese democracy movement which periodically erupts with interesting consequences, spies, exploitation, high finance, and the illegal movement of nuclear materials through sham companies. A chance snippet of information and a suspicious mind lead to an complicated tale of detection while in an isolated hunting lodge there is lust, love and high-tech espionage, an ex-agent who runs a dude ranch for the CIA and intense activity on a number of fronts for a team of covert operatives. Woven into the tale is the story of a Chinese scientist who breaks all the rules and somehow survives a he pursues his love the saxophone and democracy and somehow becomes part of a US Air Force jazz band performing at a Bristol festival. There is also an old agent who buys ice cream and tells stories about bears to little boys.

This fast moving thriller will take you round the world and keep you gripped to the very last page when a humble sparrow becomes the delivery agent of justice.

For a preview of the first chapter click here (you will need a copy of Adobe Reader to view the document)

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