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Supper with the President

Supper With The President

Non-fiction illustrated with photographs

Published on 1st October 2011

ISBN 978-1-906852-10-8
e-book: ISBN 978-1-906852-21-4

Working as a rural development officer in Africa during the years immediately following independence, Ian was fortunate enough to meet a number of Presidents, five Kings, two Emperors, dozens of village and tribal chiefs, and many other extraordinary people. Unforeseen circumstances somehow contrived for him to have dinner with four heads of state, and these events, together with other extraordinary experiences that could only happen in Africa, are related in this anthology of ten tales.

Besides showing an aspect of some of Africa's leaders that has been seen by few people, this book will take you on an exotic train ride a thousand miles across West Africa, introduce you to Godfrey, who loved elephants and accidentally trained a herd to be ridden as they worked in his game park, and introduce a Togolese sorcerer with an extraordinary ability to travel at speed and appear in the most unexpected places. You will participate in a jailbreak Ian found himself organising in the jungle, and journey with a camel train through the hellish sands of the Sahara to the dreaded salt mines of Taoudénni. In between Ian has supper with four different Presidents, some of whom you may have heard of.

This fascinating collection of memoirs will show you aspects of Africa seldom seen by outsiders, and tell you of surprising events which may stretch your belief but are nonetheless all true, giving you a flavour of the rich diversity of life that hides in the Dark Continent.

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