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Reviews of The Man of Passage (1st edition, hardback)

The Man of Passage

"The stories he tells are fascinating, tender, humorous and surprising by turn. I recommend this book whole-heartedly. A spell-binding read appealing to both men and women."

newBooks magazine

"Everything from the mysterious Man Of Passage of the title, a beautifully written story, to 'Sphinx' a love tale with a real kick at the end takes you into the real heart of the African bush and jungle that the author knows so well. A magical book and a real discovery. Do try it for something really different."

Warwick Book News

"A fascinating insight into some less well known aspects of daily life in the Dark Continent"

Compton Chronicle

"I began by not being interested in Africa, but by the end I was 'hooked'. Ian's style is easy to read and the stories are easy to follow - more please!"

Barbara Price in Viva!

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